The Honeoye Falls-Lima School District will be completing a simulated Emergency Go-Home (Early Dismissal) Drill as part of the District's annual requirement complying with Section 155.13 of the Commissioner of Education Regulations. As the District participates in this drill, it will test the transportation and communication sections of the District’s Emergency Response Plan. Parents should be aware that there may be occasions requiring a school to take immediate action which could include early dismissal and sheltering in the event of an emergency situation.

The actual dismissal time will not generally impact arrival at home time. All students in Grades K-12 will participate. Schools will generally follow regular dismissal procedures. A robo call home, email, and text message will be sent on the day of the event to all parents and guardians. The District encourages you to talk with your children about what to do if an event should occur and they are returned home early. If you do not receive an email, phone call, or text message please send your updated contact information to your child’s school, so that information can be updated.